March 2017 - Natures Zombie Apocalypse

Nature's Zombie Apocalypse is the 'braaaaainz' child of Richard Hawkins and Rob Saxton, a lovely pair of chaps who formed the company Aniode in the hopes of creating "scream at the TV moments" that would herald back to their earlier and much loved memories of gaming. Nature's Zombie Apocalypse does just that offering insane bosses such as the crazy dinner lady with massive frying pan, a mad clown and the zombie Queen with her laser beam sceptre and guards even makes an appearance. The game also offers a variety of game modes, including escorting penguins to their igloo, rescuing kittens, helping an eagle guard its eggs and survival modes you'd expect to be offered through it's zombie genre.

Whilst currently available through early access, my own experiences with the game have been at games events around London over the past year or so. Each time, the Aniode booth has been crowded with players, including a crowd behind them waiting for their own turn to fend of the recently turned. 

Lining up nicely with the upcoming approach of London Games FestivalNature's Zombie Apocalypse takes locations dotted around London including Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Tower Bridge and of course adds giant animals including a bear who can't bare zombies, a Duck who is racking up a large ammunition bill and - to address the elephant in the room - a giant Elephant.

In an age where CO-OP multiplayer roughly translates to sitting alone and talking to your mates through the screen, NZA boasts 1-8 players local play & online and is planning on a console release. As mentioned earlier, this is where the game really shines - with a solid selection of power-ups, weapons and game modes available, this is a game that is built for friends who want a communal experience. 

Nature's Zombie Apocalypse is certainly a game that will keep the crowds hungry for more action, and I am personally excited to see more of this in the upcoming year!

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