December 2017 - Darkest Dungeon

Recently, I picked up the Darkest Dungeon, bundled together with Red Hook Games first DLC instalment The Crimson Court. The Darkest Dungeon, which essentially plays out like a 2D turn-based Bloodborne RPG that thematically matches with a steep learning curve drenched in Lovecraftian cosmic horror. Every corridor guarantees to menace as your resources thin away and your parties willpower falters.

Starting up the game for the first time, Darkest Dungeon throws a lot of mechanics your way, this requires a level of patience especially concerning the first few dungeons you face. Your initial resolve to keep teammates intact will likely be replaced with a gradual conveyor belt perspective of handling heroes, ill-fated never to return from the dark depths of which they are sent (unlike the gold they earnt).

If you can brave it, the Darkest Dungeon will offer out small rewards and greater punishment, it will challenge you and it'll make you question the worth of it all. And that's my kind of game. 

With The Crimson Court, the following content was introduced to Darkest Dungeon back in June 2017:

New Features Available with DLC

• New hero class: The Flagellant – “Awash in blood and delusion, they bear the burden of a thousand lifetimes.”

• A new dungeon region: The Courtyard

• A full faction of new deadly foes

• 5 new Bosses with some of the most complex and devious mechanics yet.

• Districts: 10 new buildings to upgrade your Hamlet

• Massive, sprawling maps with locked doors, prisoner rooms, and progress saves

• Lore-driven trinket sets for all heroes – with set bonuses!

Since then, a further DLC update has been introduced to Darkest Dungeon, The Shieldbreaker. This DLC was released 26th October and  includes the following additional content:

• New hero class: The Shieldbreaker

• Dynamic, tactical skill set for the Shieldbreaker featuring all new combat mechanics including: Armor Piercing, Guard Break, and Stealth

• Shieldbreaker class-specific trinkets, including a set.

• 3 New Monsters – frightful illusions from the Shieldbreaker’s origin, now slithering forward to infest the Estate

• New Consumable Item – Aegis Scale, providing a last bastion of protection for when a hero truly needs it. 

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