August 2017 - Mineko's Night Market

Are you someone who enjoys cat herding, craft-making, car boot sales and casual encounters? Yes, you say. Well, it's time to let the cat of the bag... Mineko's Night Market is one game that won't be killing your curiosity and is sure to be the cat's meow. 

With charming art design straight from the pawspective of Brent Kobayashi, you are invited to play as Mineko, a girl who has recently moved to a new home on a struggling and superstitious Japanese island which is overrun by - you might have guessed it - cats. Here, the locals worship Abe, the sun-cat. Previously, Abe was believed to be a myth by the townsfolk, this quite likely suggests the exact opposite is the case. Place your bets. 

In the same vein of similar games such as Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, Mineko's Night Market also includes various jobs that will keep you occupied between the more grandiose events that are spaced out throughout the game calendar:

"Discover the secrets of the town and manage your daily activities by completing various jobs, quests, and resource gathering in preparation for the weekly market. Unlock alternative modes of transportation (buses, bullet trains, and cat carts) to whisk you away to distant areas! Each location will offer special things to do and new townspeople to meet depending on the time of day and season."

So far, the format planned for launch is PC, although I'm eager to hear about any future announcements (handheld devices please). Previous casual games such Stardew Valley are living proof that this genre is still capable of thriving within the larger more robust consoles, but I'm praying to the cat god for signs of a handheld announcement. Come on Abe!


Meowza Games

Based in Vancouver, BC

Release date:

est. Late 2018


PC / Mac


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